• It’s The Little Things. Scenes in Milan We Are Looking Forward To

    Self isolation came with a train of possessions : reflection on our collective ego, becoming proficient in following elaborated make up tutorials and frequent reminiscing. The reminiscing, especially, hit profoundly. We have caught ourselves being nostalgic for the simple, little things that can... View Post
  • I Quit Coffee And Here Is What Happened To My Skin

    image: courtesy of @lipstickoncups Day 1 It is Wednesday and I finally gather my will to give up the essence of my mornings for a week (Monday and Tuesday were my emotional prepping days). I have tried elimination diet before, and I am not at all good at it (because I love food. And coffe... View Post
  • From Our Saved Folder: Holistic Facialists

    At the OhBar we have diligently participated in almost every skincare hype that would promise to bring us one bit closer to dream complexion. Whether it is a jade roller potential ability of decreasing inflammation, or a wizardry dust supplement we are downing with a water bottle (with a quartz c... View Post