• Not slipping into collective freak-out - here is how

    Turn on the airplane mode and destroy notifications center. Easier said then done, and so we continue to repost the most hip memes, binge watch stories from influencers that keep on freaking out and click on anything that has a bait wording.  Here at Espressoh we keep it light with the most gorge... View Post
  • Candid Lip Routines from Team Espressoh

     While plenty of us are staying at home (DO IT), we have been tuning into our self care and skincare routines with rich abundance. A twenty-minute mask followed by exfoliator? Sure. Let the serum sink in for a while before layering another product? Not a problem. Leave in the conditioner for 5-7... View Post
  • 5 Must Do’s To Keep It Zen At Home

    Our generation of ‘rather stay at home and chill’ is finding it a little bit more challenging than usual in the light of recent events to cope with anxiety and mental well-being. Even if the ZENNEST thing is to keep ourselves in our nests, somehow our nurtured spaces have become limiting (in comp... View Post