• On Skin Positivity

    We project the little glimpses of ourselves, carefully curated fractions; they are no longer the puppy faces or the silly photos by the beach. They are filtered “busy” selfies; “moody”, almost “candid” videos of what our lives might look like to a stranger. The question is: how filtered are you? ... View Post
  • Self-care guide regardless of your dating status

    Self-care became the synonym of self-love, and this upcoming Valentine’s, what could be better than celebrating the bundle of joy that is you. Pick a category that speaks to your feelings the most, read on and remember: heart-shaped chocolates will go on sale once Friday is done.   If You Are Fee... View Post
  • Team Espressoh Talks All Things Oscars

    If you haven’t caught up with the Academy Awards, no need to worry, there are no spoilers here. Our team was initially excited about the red carpet appearances more than anything else. See the comments below for our favourites picks!   Chiara: To say the least… B O R I N G. This year was hard to... View Post